What Narnia’s Son of Adam (that is, Adamson) left out

Christopher Howse at The Telegraph reports on the important stuff in C.S. Lewis‘s Prince Caspian that Andrew Adamson and his screenwriters left out:

I wonder if audiences are looking out for the wrong things in the films of C.S Lewis’s Narnia books. The danger is simply to think “Aslan = Jesus”, and then to puzzle out how the one allegorically illuminates the other.

What men want

Megan Basham asks, “Why are films like Wanted so popular with young men?”

Meanwhile, the Reel Geezers loved it:

Waterboarding is not a sport

Yikes! Christopher Hitchens just went and had himself waterboarded. And there’s video. His intentions are good: He wants to provide people with an opportunity to decide for themselves: Is waterboarding torture?

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