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Christopher Tolkien wants to “terminate” Hobbit movie

It’s not surprising that Christopher Tolkien isn’t happy about New Line’s plans for a movie of The Hobbit. He wasn’t happy about Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy either. It will be interesting to see the judgment in his lawsuit against New Line; he claims that the master of Middle-earth’s family is owed ¬£80m under a deal for a 7.5% share of profits… a deal signed back in 1969.

Meanwhile, Saruman is trying to rise again.

Ray Lamontagne gossip!!

Paste has the scoop on Ray LaMontagne’s next album Gossip.

It was 25 years ago today…

Larry Mullen brought the band to play.
There’s a gallery of photos from the concert at G. Wigler’s site.

Best animated movies of all time?

I think I agree with Yahoo’s #1 animated film of all-time. But how could any such survey leave out The Iron Giant, or My Neighbor Totoro, or Watership Down?

Bad day for Jimmy Sorano

Dennis Farina, the actor who played the villain in one of my favorite films, Midnight Run, is in trouble.

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