Here’s American Book Review with the 100 Best Last Last Lines from Novels.

My personal favorite? “Frodo was alive but taken by the enemy.” That line still sends chills down my spine when I read it. How could you not go on to read The Return of the King after reading that final note in The Two Towers?

In fact, that line was ringing in my mind as I wrote a scene near the conclusion of Cyndere’s Midnight, as a particular character’s life suddenly takes an alarming new direction…

I rewrote the last line of Auralia’s Colors about a hundred times. Some people have told me that it contains an obvious mistake. But it doesn’t. I meant to say that a particular character’s “open eyes opened.” It’s a vague nod to one of my favorite poems, and to one of my favorite scriptures,  but I don’t really feel like saying which. (And no, please don’t post that whole sentence here, as it contains a spoiler.)

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