Kevin Lucia at TitleTrakk asked me some questions about Auralia’s Colors. Like these:

  • I see from your bio that you wrote your first fantasy story at the age of seven. Would you say then that having your first novel published is the culmination of a life long dream?
  • Would you call yourself more of a movie fan, or movie critic?
  • How is writing nonfiction different from writing fiction?
  • How did Auralia’s Colors find its genesis? I don’t suppose that was the story you wrote at age seven?
  • Do you feel it’s important for Christians today to constantly be evaluating and judging media at large?
  • Auralia’s Colors is a work of fantasy; how does this genre, more than others, lend itself to the creative process?
  • Would you consider any authors, contemporaries or otherwise, as inspirations?
  • Christian entertainment has changed much in the last few years; especially in the areas of music, fiction, and movies. What do you see in the future for Christian entertainment?
  • How do you feel about’s new wireless reading device? How do you feel about someone potentially downloading Auralia’s Colors on Kindle?
  • Who reads your work, if anyone, before a publisher and editor does?
  • If there was any advice you’d like to give to aspiring writers, what would it be?

TitleTrakk’s review of Auralia’s Colors was published a while back.