is buzzing again, now that a big-screen version of The Hobbit is a sure thing.

The big question of the day: Who should be cast?

They perpetuate the popular idea that Martin Freeman should play young Bilbo. Or Colin Firth. I like both ideas, but…

…definitely *not* Shia LeBoeuf. (What about Simon Pegg?)

Still, here’s a question: Isn’t Bilbo Baggins supposed to be “preserved” by the possession of the ring? In other words, shouldn’t the Bilbo Baggins of The Hobbit look almost exactly like the Bilbo Baggins we see at the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring?

I know that this question came up here before, but now that it’s really happening… what do you think of the popular candidates?

We all know who’s going to play Gandalf and Gollum. If any surprises happen there, fans will riot.

And would you please join me in prayer, asking that no female love interest is invented for Bilbo just so they can create Hobbit merchandise designed specifically for girls. There are no prominent female roles in The Hobbit.¬†Deal with it. I remember when rumor had it that Samwise was going to become a girl, and Frodo’s love interest, and Tolkien fans threatened to fall on their swords. (Instead, we got a male Samwise… and, according to some, he became Frodo’s love interest.)

Personally, there is only one open position that I have strong feelings about.

The King of the Wood-elves.

There is only one man, in my imagination, who fits the role perfectly.

I mean come on.


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