Christianity Today Movies has just posted an abbreviated version of my review of the best movie I’ve seen since The New World:

There Will Be Blood.

If I were handing out the Oscars, I’d be giving this Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Original Score, Best Adapated Screenplay, and Best Cinematography. For starters.

I said it when I saw Magnolia, I said it again when I saw Punch-drunk Love, and I’ll say it again now: I think Paul Thomas Anderson is America’s most talented director. Terrence Malick may be my personal favorite, because of his spirit and his attraction to visions that inspire joy and awe. But I think Anderson is more talented, and if he ever turns his attention to conveying joy, we might see theaters full of moviegoers spontaneously rising and dancing in the aisles. There Will Be Blood is the best movie I’ve seen since The New World, as powerful and eloquent in its examination of human depravity as any movie that comes to mind.

The full review will be up at Looking Closer soon, going into more detail. But for now, due to word-count limits at CTMovies, this will do.