Through a Screen Darkly is front-page news at Christianity Today right now

…and it looks like Rob Moll must have interviewed me somewhere along the way. Sneaky fellow! (Note: You can post comments at the bottom of the interview… and at the bottom of the review as well!)

They’ve also re-posted the CT review of the book.


I learned what book reviews were all about by reading them when I was a kid. CT was the only magazine my father subscribed to, so when it arrived I was always rather fascinated by it. Instead of keeping a diary, I made my own little magazines about my life, writing about the books I was reading, the music I was listening to, the movies I was allowed to see. CT had a lot to do with how I learned to think. So it’s a little surreal to see what I’m seeing today. The Lord works in very, very mysterious ways.

(And he has a sense of humor too. Look what’s being advertised at the top of the page. It’s FoxFaith!)

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