NOW, with even more provocative responses from readers…

Here’s one of the letters contributed by readers after CT’s coverage of The Nativity Story, and there are more where this came from:

I am shocked that the Vatican approved The Nativity Story. The clergy that run the Catholic church today have gone insane. The scene where Mary goes into labor pains and Joseph delivering baby Jesus is contrary to the special dignity and power God has bestowed upon her. We true Catholics believe Mary is ever virgin, before, during and after Jesus’s birth. So how can we believe the labor pains and Joseph pulling the baby out from her and still believe she gave birth as a virgin? This movie is taking away the dignity of our Lady by making her like a common human being. We believe Jesus was conceived without human intervention entering and developing in her womb, but people have a hard time believing he came out the same way. I believe true Catholics should not go see this slanderous movie. Many Catholics today are spiritually blinded.

– A concerned Catholic

I look forward to your thoughts, but please, don’t turn this into a place for anti-Catholic rants, or anything of that nature.

And now, for some more highlights from the latest letters:

What right do you have to call yourselves “Christians” when you are no different than the world? It is disgraceful and blasphemous to give filthy and immoral films a “thumbs up.” I’m talking about movies with drunkenness, drugs, violence, nudity and cursing, especially taking our dear Lord’s name in vain. Would you sit with Jesus and watch a film like this? I know Jesus wouldn’t sit with you and watch a film like this. But if all of that garbage doesn’t bother you and you so desire to fill your mind with smut, then by all means go ahead and do so. I do not believe that you really have Christ living in your heart, or you would not choose to defend things of this world over what our dear Lord and Savior would want us to do.

– – – – – – – – – –

I was surprised by your 2½-star review of Apocalypto. First, to compare it to The Passion of The Christ is unfair and irresponsible. There is only one story of Jesus Christ, which transcends all others, and although it has been interpreted in many ways, Gibson’s portrayal will be considered among the best ever. To try and find these motifs of values in a pagan culture, and then say, “Well, it doesn’t add up,” represents a bias that is only matched by preset fundamentalism, or critics on the left with their preset positions as well. As a person who loves The Passion (I saw it nine times in the theaters and I don’t know how many times on DVD), Apocalypto only reaffirms that Mel Gibson is a great storyteller.

And, regarding The Nativity Story:

A young, unmarried pregnant actress playing Mary was enough to turn me off this movie.
– Jim Foulkes

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