At GetReligion, Terry Mattingly is facing the Giants dilemma.

He asks:

Is this kind of niche market strategy (again) a good idea for faith in popular culture?

Addressing Facing the Giants, he says:

If one assumes that the goal of this movie is evangelism, that would also assume that the movie needs to attract people who are not already believers. Yet, as Whoriskey demonstrates, Facing the Giants is almost certainly going to be a financial success to one degree or another because it speaks the language of the people who are already in the pews. It treats their stories with respect, for a change.
The movie preaches and this audience likes preaching.

Do you see the irony? This is a solid niche market. But it will not help shape the mainstream. Also, it is hard to imagine how Contemporary Christian Cinema will reach many people who do not already believe. This is evangelism for the already evangelized.

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