Okay, since superhero-movie season is almost over…

Share with us your Top 5 superhero movies, and give a sentence or two summarizing why you’ve picked them.

Off the top of my head, here are my favorites… (although I reserve the right to revise, as I don’t have a complete list in front of me and I’m likely to forget something):

The Incredibles: It has everything–memorable characters, comedy, suspense, derring-do, drama, dazzling visuals, a fantastic villain with an interesting agenda, a note-perfect soundtrack, and, best of all, it’s really quite meaningful.

Spider-man 2: Characters with personality, vivid performances, a supervillain who makes an impact, and a wide range of tones from thrilling action to poignant drama to sharp comedy.

Unbreakable: Thoughtful, patient, moody as heck, and a fascinating hero-villain contrast, with beautiful cinematography and soundtracking throughout.

Dark City: Probably not typically considered a superhero film, Dark City is about a guy with extraordinary powers. It starts out with feverish intensity and maintains that fierce momentum all the way through; but it’s not just empty action… it echoes Blade Runner in its inquiry into what makes us human.

X-Men 2: X-Men United: So many memorable characters, fantastic action, and smart writing that explores timely questions about prejudice and responsibility.

Five runners-up: Mystery Men, X-Men, Superman: The Movie, Batman Returns, Batman Begins

Does it qualify? Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

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