Coming Soon reports that Scott Derrickson, who’s working on a little flick called Paradise Lost, is also co-writing and directing a film about the story that prompted a documentary titled… would you believe?… Paradise Lost. His dramatization will be titled Devil’s Knot: The True Story of the West Memphis Three.

…the drama centers on an infamous Arkansas murder case that ended with the conviction of three teens based largely on their alleged fascination with the occult.

Three children were savagely murdered in 1993. Weeks later, police announced the arrest of three teens accused of committing the murders as part of a satanic cult ritual.

And from the Variety article:

Despite an outcry for a retrial and two HBO documentaries about the case that suggest plausible suspects were overlooked for political reasons, the three have remained in jail for more than a decade, including one who’s on death row.

Genre films like “Amityville Horror” and Derrickson and Boardman’s “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” regularly tie the phrase “based on a true story” to propel fictional horror storylines. The duo said “Devil’s Knot” will stick to the facts.

“There is already a dark tone to the material, but we are absolutely committed to only telling the truth, and not exaggerating to entertain,” Derrickson said. … “We all understand the gravity, the high stakes of the situation, and the story is not over.”

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