My trusted friend and colleague Steven D. Greydanus has seen United 93. And he says,

It is not exploitative. It is not manipulative. It is not strident or judgmental. It does not demonize or lionize anybody. It is as restrained, as respectful, as deeply moving a tribute to the passengers of United Flight 93 (not to mention assorted key players on the ground) as I can imagine a film being.

As a New York area resident who watched the WTC burn and fall with my own eyes, I am deeply appreciative of this film. My brother-in-law, who was actually in the vicinity of Ground Zero during the attacks, was my very reluctant guest tonight, having felt strongly ahead of time that he would never watch any film on this subject, but afterwards he was very grateful that he had been imposed upon to see it, and said afterward that he hopes that resistance to the subject matter will not prevent the film from finding the success it deserves.

Paul Greengrass has done an amazing job here. He has resisted all manner of temptations regarding conflicting agendas of various kinds, and against all odds he has told the story of Flight 93 with (what seems to me) extraordinary integrity.

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