The latest letters at CT Movies are very interesting:

I saw V for Vendetta, and I am appalled that the cruelty shown toward the Natalie Portman character has been overlooked in practically every movie review I’ve read.

Why is no one noticing this? This is a film about a rape, not a revolt.

You know what? I completely agree. I haven’t officially reviewed the film yet, but I was very disturbed by the way they ended up showing the abuse of this character in a positive light.

Why didn’t you mention the New Age twist to The Shaggy Dog? As cute as this movie is, don’t you think it preaches a pagan worldview? Buddhist meditation?

Haven’t seen it. Can’t comment on it. But I’m reminded of a recent review by someone named Conny

I bought the DVD Millions based on your review. How can you classify this as the Most Redeeming Film of 2005? It features young boys teaching each other how to access pictures of women’s breasts on the Internet. … I failed to find any redeeming value or character in this movie.

Wow. A film about a child who is driven by a fascination with the saints, and who is overwhelmed by a deep compassion to help the poor and provide water for people dying in Africa, who sees pleasant surprises as gifts from God, who humbles everyone around him with his faith and spirit of servitude… the letter writer didn’t see any redeeming value at all?

And didn’t it occur to him that the saints in the film are supposed to suggest the saints as they might be imagined by a particularly creative child?

Didn’t he notice that the young boy’s preoccupation with photos of bras and breasts on the Internet wasn’t a pornographic preoccupation at all, but a childlike curiosity stemming from a longing for his mother, who died when he very young?

I read your review of A History of Violence after I saw the movie, and your review was insightful and right on.

Why, thank you!!

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