Tuesday specials:

The New York Times looks at Walden Media’s Isabel Allende project.

The Village Voice seeks to impale End of the Spear, the new film based on the famous and true missionary story Through Gates of Splendor.

Coy crypto-Christian claptrap masquerading as feel-good ethnography, End of the Spear is part missionaries-in-peril potboiler (sans pot) and part Bush-era evangelical screed. It’s the kind of oversweet cinematic Kool-Aid they used to force-feed us in Sunday school….

…its Davey and Goliath dogmatism comes through as loud and clear as the sinister subtext behind its message of nonviolence—that the world’s nonwhite, “undeveloped” cultures continue to require prophylactic doses of Yank benevolence in order to survive and thrive.


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