As tired as I am of the Brokeback Mountain and Chronicles of Narnia debates, and as uninterested as I am in the Munich debate, I find myself almost nostalgic for The Passion of the Christ. So my question for the day is this…

If someone were to pick up where Mel Gibson left off and direct the next ambitious New Testament film… who should direct it?

Mel Gibson looks like he’s going to be busy for a while, what with Apocalypto on the way, and a project about the holocaust.

Seems that the much-rumored sequel to The Passion of the Christ won’t be hitting screens any time real soon… if it happens at all. But it seems almost inevitable.

So I’m wondering… who has the integrity, the vision, and the strength to venture into those turbulent cultural waters and deliver something lasting and significant? Whose background could withstand the harsh, penetrating gaze of the mainstream media, who will go so far as to attempt to perform character assassinations on the filmmaker’s family members?

And what character should be central?


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