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In other words, can your pastor be bribed into lacing your Sunday morning worship with Hollywood propaganda? What’s that? Is that the sound of a whip lashing in the foyer? And who’s that bearded guy with the whip?
Come on. Let’s keep Narnia propaganda where it belongs! Which leads me to my next story…

Will you be using Narnia toilet tissue?
Mmmmmm. Soft as Aslan’s fur….

The Top 100 Spiritually Significant Films?
According to a vote of a large crowd of Christian cinephiles, these are the 100 films you should take the time to explore, contemplate, and discuss. (The full article is at Looking Closer. An abridged edition is at Christianity Today Movies.)

Mel Gibson sues CleanFlicks for editing The Passion of the Christ!
Yes! I hope he wins. And that many other directors follow. If it’s not suitable for children, then don’t show it to your kids. Don’t go cutting it up and teaching your children that art should be custom-altered based on personal preference. That’s an invitation to the censors, and to an eventual damaging of films that offer profound visions of truth. (via Chattaway’s FilmChat.) For more on this subject, re-visit this.

How did Oprah get her start? Dating Roger Ebert.
Who knew?

And today’s genius award goes to…

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