The previous Looking Closer contest has wrapped up. I’ll be reviewing the entries and announcing a winner on Monday. Stay tuned to see who gets the big Ben-Hur DVD release. I’ll be sharing some of the entries here, in which participants shared the moments at the movies that most transformed them.

Time for another contest to begin!

Here’s what you do:

Write a “Looking Closer”-style review, no less than 500 words, no more than 1200 words, of a significant, challenging, profound work of cinema, old or new, famous or obscure. The review that best exemplifies the Looking Closer approach–exploring technical excellence and spiritual resonance–will win the prize.

Include your name and contact information. You can enter as many reviews as you like.

ONE BIG CONDITION: The film must not already be featured in the Looking Closer movie review archive. You’ll have to write about a movie that I haven’t already covered there.

Note: Any … perhaps all… reviews that are sent in might be published as a “guest review” on the site. By entering the contest, you give me permission to publish your review, in its current condition, as a guest feature.

Send entries to

What’s the prize?

The CD soundtrack to Elizabethtown.