I hope to see you Sunday in Portland!


Many thanks to all of you who, after church on Sunday, decided to spend a gloriously sunny afternoon sitting and listening to me talk about Christians’ engagement with movies. I was blessed by your attention, your questions, and the warm welcome I received at Montavilla Baptist Church.

Special thanks to my uncle, Paul Morris, for going to so much work to spread the word and set things up, and for showing up the day after the wedding of his daughter Jenny (CONGRATULATIONS, JENNY AND GABE!), along with my aunt Ruth. Great to see you and work with you and share with your friends.

Thanks also to those discerning, world-traveling cinephiles Steve, Joanne, Andrew, Matthew, Christopher, and Anna Price, for sharing their home and a hearty meal.

It was great to meet more of those who stop by and comment on this rambling blog, like Timothy Grant, as well.

Oh, and for the record, the wedding of Gabriel Salo and Jenny Morris featured music from Punch-drunk Love, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and I Heart Huckabees. It was a Jon Brion fest. Very, very cool!

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