The Perfect Man opens today… to responses like these:

The Perfect Man takes its idiotic plot and uses it as the excuse for scenes of awesome stupidity.” – Roger Ebert

“…sticky, straight-to-video caliber.” – Lou Lumenick

“…nondescript piffle.” – Jami Bernard

“If you are planning on seeing the new Hilary Duff comedy over Father’s Day weekend, show Dad how much you care. Leave him home.” – Jan Stuart

“Maudlin love story about awful people.” – Angela Baldassarre

“You’ll most likely want to throw up and call it a night after swallowing this big ball of cotton candy.” – Kit Bowen

“Who would’ve thought…that the certifiably awful/unaccountably popular Hilary Duff was daring enough to make a movie about having a lesbian relationship with her mother?” – Peter Canavese

“Probably the only reason the Department of Children’s Services hasn’t come after her is because they can’t find her.” – Sarah Chauncey

“The faux lover angle isn’t exactly new but when a daughter is more or less trying to woo her mother, it’s not original, just weirdly creepy if not a tad incestual.” -Jeffrey Lyles

“Duff comes across as so self-absorbed that her trademark perkiness bleeds into selfishness.” – Donald Munro

“This is a monumentally bad film, the kind that only comes along once in, oh, I don’t know… Three years? Five?” – Eugene Novikov

“The movie doesn’t even seem to know how disturbing, at its heart, its subject matter is, so that it can at least have fun with it.” – Michael O’Sullivan

“Seriously, the perfect man would call social services.” – Carina Chocano, LOS ANGELES TIMES

“Dear Hilary… I can’t see you or your movies anymore.” – Sean O’Connell

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