Yes, I got U2 tickets.

And yes, I’m going to whine like a kid whose told that the cookies are off limits.

Because I paid for those cookies, blast it!! (not the band, the club) has a lot to answer for. They’ve apologized already for all manner of mixups on the Web site. And I’m sure they knew going into it that dealing with Ticketmaster is like signing a deal with the U.N. and expecting things to go according to plan. But still, what’s happening is ridiculous.

I know a lot of U2 fans who paid the $40.00 fee to be in the fan club, and all of them … well … they still haven’t found what they’re looking for.

This morning, when Seattle fans were told that tickets would go on sale at 10 a.m. … tickets that would be cheaper and better… we all dutifully waited in the Internet queue to buy those tickets.

At 10:02 am, the link suddenly started working correctly. We dove in. But we were immediately informed that THERE WERE NO TICKETS AVAILABLE FOR THE FLOOR (which is, by far, the best place to be) and that the only seats available for under $100 bucks were BEHIND THE STAGE.

Wow. That’s some privilege our fan-club membership bought us!! Sometimes you can’t make it on your own … even with a 40-dollar membership card.

What … did friends of Steve Jobs get them all in a special deal because of the iPod ad? What happened?!

So yes, I bought tickets. Yes, I was a fool and I paid way way way too much … for the “privilege” of actually being able to see the stage.

But if I find out that the general public gets to buy floor tickets on Saturday morning, when Ticketmaster opens things up for the rest of the world, I’m going to cancel my fan club membership. You’d think that U2 would have the most conscientious of rock-and-roll fan clubs. But this is unacceptable. What a rip-off.

If really wants to give fans their money’s worth, they should send us all coupons for free stuff from the store.

Okay. That’s my childish tantrum for the day.

I think Bono would understand. He’s such a sensitive fella.

Bono? Are you listening?

Hello … hello …

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