Last I checked, I couldn’t afford an all-region DVD player.

That’s probably a good thing, considering I really don’t have time to be watching more movies.

But the more I learn about world cinema, the more I wish I had time to enjoy more of it. Since some of the best movies being made aren’t available to American movie-renters on regular DVDs–you need special equipment in order to enjoy these titles on special DVDs. Is there no end to the technology we must add to our already electronics-heavy existence? (Sigh.)

I’m very happy with my Sony DreamSystem, which plays my movies, CDs, SACDs, and MP3s in surround sound, so I won’t be buying a new system anytime soon. But if anybody hears about a bargain on a small, simple all-region unit that I could use as an accessory when necessary, I’d sure love to hear about it.

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