This Friday, the unthinkable happens …

We get a superhero movie that’s so good, it rivals Spider-man 2 as the best superhero movie of the year.

Pixar’s The Incredibles keeps the studio’s perfect record: It hasn’t released a stinker yet. This is their most ambitious, action-packed film of all. But it’s distinct for several reasons, the most obvious of which is that the story will have a lot more to say to adults than to youngsters.

The Incredibles is very funny. There are a million laughs along the way. The voice talents … especially Holly Hunter… are again perfect.

Pixar and Brad Bird are a perfect match. Bird, the man responsible for The Iron Giant, brings the same lickety-split, Loony Tunes lunacy to these colorful, unforgettable characters.

But in comparison to other Pixar films, this one falls a bit short. The animation, while astonishing, seemed at times a bit flat and unfinished, compared to the faultlessly awe-inspiring look of Finding Nemo.

Not to mention the fact that this one’s built out of used parts (comic book hero conventions), whereas all of the previous Pixar films have been worlds unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen too many superhero films, and this one, while it brings a freshness and energy to that kind of wonderland, packs a weaker punch than Toy Story because of so much familiarity. But it’s far better than A Bug’s Life and Monster’s Inc.

It’s certainly the most “grownup” of the Pixar movies. I was very surprised at a few of the “mature” punchlines along the way, and the subtle dealing with the threat of adultery and the allure of its “mirage.”

But these characters are instant classics, and I do hope there are sequels. My detailed review is coming to CT Movies on Friday.

Oh … and another thing. If you go see The Incredibles, you’ll see the trailer for Star Wars – Episode Three. Enjoy it. It’s the last time you’ll see a new trailer for an upcoming Star Wars film.

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