Last summer, I had my first experience at the Cornerstone Festival.

And thus, this year, I’m wishing I was there again,

enjoying the 100-degree heat,

the 75% humidity,

the constant rivers of sweat that soak your clothes by mid-morning and continue all day,

the iced thai coffee,

the everpresent rumble of the bass guitars from two or three concerts going on at all times under the pavilion tents that are set up across the sprawling hills by the lake,

the masses of friendly and intelligent people of faith who won’t put up with “Christian-ese” lingo,

the Big Events like the annual Over the Rhine show, the Flickerings film festival inside the furnace-of-a-storage-shed where hundreds gather for viewing and discussions led by Mike Hertenstein,

the fireflies that rise up into the trees at night and turn the place into Neverland…

Here’s to all of you Cornerstone campers.

Have a great weekend! Wish I was there…

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