Second star to the right and straight on ’til … mourning?

David Lowery's "Peter Pan and Wendy" gives us a glimpse of the unconventionally meditative and innovative adaptation that might have been. But what it actually is? That might well be the result of studio interference, judging from these strangely incoherent results.

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The Last Jedi’s Disney punchline

Overstreet observes a (vaguely spoiler-ish) connection between Star Wars: The Last Jedi and a Disney classic.

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To 20 years… and beyond!

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Disney’s Frozen Get Chilly Reception (From Some of My Favorite Critics)

"There’s nothing I’d like more than to tell you [that Frozen] is a musical fairy-tale triumph: a throwback to the days of Beauty and the Beast, like many critics are saying." That's how the great Steven Greydanus begins his review of Frozen. Can you sense the pending "But..."? Here it comes.

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When You Wish Upon Star Wars – Episode Seven

So, Princess Leia is a Disney Princess now. Despite all of the fanboy dreams that are kindled by the news, I still can't get excited about it. Lucas did a thorough job of spoiling my enjoyment of the world he created. Still... if Disney hired me as a consultant, here's what I'd suggest...

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