The New World (2007): Looking Closer’s Thanksgiving Movie

So, putting on my film critic hat, I will do as I usually do at Thanksgiving — I will recommend that we remember the origins of this nation, that we reflect on the early days of European culture converging and clashing with Native American culture, through the lenses, the imagination, the eyes, and the conscience of Terrence Malick. My Thanksgiving movie is the "Extended Cut" of The New World.

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Gadzooks! A Godzilla for Malick Fans?

Here are some of the more intriguing paragraphs I've read about Godzilla...

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To The Wonder (2012): An All-Thumbs Review

I’ve been dreaming of trying out a new venture in long-form film criticism — reviews as fiction. I plan to write them as speed-writing exercises, fiction published in first-draft form. And I’m dedicating this first episode to… well, you’ll see when you read it.

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