You’re Not a Sexist Moviegoer. Or… Are You?

We're about halfway through 2014, and as I look at the Top 20 Box Office hits so far, something troubles me. Where are the substantial leading roles for women? I'm not talking about wicked queens in fairy tales and Hunger Games-style action heroes. I mean women. You know... women who inhabit worlds like ours.

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Men, Step Aside.

I would much prefer a film about women in conversation than a film about men battering each other with fists and swords. That may not sit well with some of my moviegoing friends, or with some pastors for that matter. But it’s true. ... I’m not saying women are holier than men, but movies about women are less likely to be about trying to fix things by force, less likely to be about battles, more likely to be about the sacredness of relationships and conversations and matters of the heart.

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