Seek Justice. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly.

Bear with me. This isn't a movie review or a music review. This is just something that's on my mind today. I'll explain why, but first I have to write down the heavy stuff.

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Why We Need “Selma”

We need this movie. We need it for this reason: Wherever Martin Luther King Jr. carried his dream, racists and scoffers assembled. Americans have made some admirable progress since then. But is it over? Was the dream realized? When I praise this movie that was made in celebration of King's dream — guess what happens. The taunters and scoffers assemble.

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The “Most Christian” Movie of the Year?

In Selma — and I'm pretty sure about this — there is more gospel quoted, more gospel celebrated, more gospel embraced and openly lived out than in any so-called "Christian movie" released in 2014. (Except the one that was, you know, a Jesus movie.)

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Selma (2014): My Review and a Looking Closer Film Forum

By choosing intimacy over an epic scale, by going small instead of large, by discernment and selectivity over throwing everything available to her at the screen, Ava Duvernay has surpassed all expectations with a masterfully crafted film that will become a standard by which historical films are measured.

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