Look! An April Shower of Distractions — Six Links

Just in case you missed them, here's a list of six distractions from the past few days. It's a parade of bizarre attractions starring... Quentin Tarantino, Steve Taylor, Donald Miller, Roman Coppola, Wes Anderson, Andrew Sullivan, Steve Martin, Edie Brickell, and a feast served by somebody named Babette. If you have work to do, avoid the following links at all costs...

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Father-Figuring It Out: "Margaret," "Moonrise Kingdom," and More

What does "Moonrise Kingdom" have in common with "The Master," "Sinister," "Beasts of the Southern Wild," and "Margaret"?

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Your Favorite Wes Anderson Movie: Which One… and Why?

Which Wes Anderson movie is your favorite? And why? I want to know. And if you're willing to share, I might share your perspective on an upcoming podcast. You might even win a portrait of Raleigh St. Clair (Bill Murray). Here are the details...

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Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Of Gods and Men made Steven Greydanus say that he felt like he had become a critic in order to be prepared to review that movie. I've only felt that way about a few films. Moonrise Kingdom is one of them. Here is my review.

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