Looking Elsewhere: November 21, 2012

Look! These links caught my attention today, for one reason or another. Check back later. I may add more look-worthy links as the day goes on.

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Lincoln (2012)

This time, Spielberg focuses on the delicate art of bringing characters to life instead of the anxious work of provoking one's audience into reacting.

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Abraham Lincoln: A Trailer, A Speech, and "Divine Providence"

Here's the trailer for Steven Spielberg's Lincoln, starring Daniel Day-Lewis. But that's just the beginning. Since America will have Lincoln on the mind in the coming weeks, I encourage everyone to read the text of Abraham Lincoln's amazing Second Inaugural Address. Read it out loud. And then, well, the fun's just getting started. Check this out...

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Looking Elsewhere: September 10, 2012

Spielberg teases Lincoln; Clint Eastwood: Conservative?; Joss Whedon's Shakespeare; Steven Greydanus Sings to Babies!

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