A film score scholar defending… Ladyhawke?

An interview with film score scholar Timothy Greiving about his passion for soundtracks... including one of the most unpopular scores ever composed.

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Song of the Sea (2014): A Conversation With Animator and Author Ken Priebe

The Secret of Kells is gorgeous, dramatic, funny, moving, alive with mystery, and bursting with details that continue to emerge viewing after viewing. It's no surprise that it took so many years for Tomm Moore and his team to come up with another feature-length film: Song of the Sea.

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Coyote Hunting at Christmas with Linford Detweiler

In this, my fourth Looking Closer conversation with Linford Detweiler of Over the Rhine, we talked about the stories behind the songs on the band's third "Reality Christmas" album, Blood Oranges in the Snow.

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A Novelist, A Horror Filmmaker, and Two Critics: Conversations Worth Hearing

Scott Derrickson, Alissa Wilkinson, Sara Zarr, Steven Greydanus... listen to all of these inspiring Christians talking to each other about art and criticism!

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Hey, Moviegoers: You’re Invited to a Secret Seattle Q&A

If you could meet and interrogate your local film critics, free of charge, would you do it?

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I’m Singing On the Radio. Forgive Me.

This weekend, I'm a guest on "Tapestry with Mary Hynes" on CBC radio and, in some places, on NPR. Also, on Monday I'll join a panel discussion on "Noah" at The Kindlings Muse. You're invited!

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My Interview with World Vision Photographer Jon Warren (Plus: Some of His Favorite Images)

I love interviewing artists. And I've enjoyed a wild array of unforgettable interviews. But few of those opportunities have been as exciting as this one...

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A Film About Reno Without Casinos? A Film About Faith Without Preaching?

So many things make Chad Hartigan's film "This is Martin Bonner" remarkable. In my interview with this impressive young director, I focused on only a couple of things that set his sophomore effort apart from other recent films.

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