The Weekender – Third Weekend of December 2021

Merry Christmas early! The Weekender will be a Surprise Box, an unpredictable newsletter, a bulletin board of things I'd like to share that I would have expanded into full, individual posts if life had afforded me the time.

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The Theology of the Coen Brothers? A Conversation Between Matt Zoller Seitz and Jeffrey Overstreet

Originally titled "O Coen Brothers, Where Art God?", this is my conversation with Matt Zoller Seitz about theology, Raising Arizona, morality, Fargo, good and evil, The Big Lebowski, and so much more.

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The “Best” Films of 2013 So Far: Name Your Favorite!

The Film Society of Lincoln Center and indieWire have both posted critics' polls celebrating the Best Films of 2013 So Far. Did the critics agree? Do you agree with their choices? Do you agree with mine? Make a case for your favorite today!

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The Best Films of 2012? Here's the Indiewire 2012 Critics Poll

So… was The Master a good movie, or not? What about Lincoln or The Avengers? What about This is 40 or Zero Dark Thirty? 204 film critics voted in this year’s Indiewire critics’ poll. Their choices do not resemble the Box Office Top 10 or the movies likely to be honored by the Golden Globes. Why is that? Who's right?

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