The Inner Language of Wolfwalkers – a guest post by Micah Rickard

Special guest reviewer Micah Rickard offers some reflections on a very tricky matter that Cartoon Saloon's Wolfwalkers handles particularly well.

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Ragamuffin (2014) – A Guest Review by Martin Stillion

"... if the goal of Ragamuffin is to get viewers to reconsider the life and music of Mullins, who’s been dead these seventeen years ... : I have some of his stuff playing on YouTube right now. If the goal was for the film to be a work of art in itself, then there’s a lot more work to be done."

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Her (2013): a guest review

Guest reviewer Lauren Wilford on Spike Jonze's new film: "Depending on your perspective, Her has either an amazing elevator pitch or an awful one: 'A guy falls in love with his iPhone.'"

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The Sound of a Place: Guest Writer Brian Volck on Over the Rhine’s New Album

I posted my own review of Over the Rhine's new album earlier this week. I could have left it that but, well, the doctor is in! And I want you to hear his own diagnosis!

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