Jurassic World (2015): What specialists say

Since I haven't had a chance to see Jurassic World yet, I asked the Looking Closer Specialists for their first impressions. Here's what they're saying...

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Tomorrowland (2015): Tomorrow-bland?

I hoped that Brad Bird would experience a much more positive response to his own passion project — the long-anticipated Tomorrowland — than Andrew Stanton did for his passion project, "John Carter."

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Saving Christmas (2014): A Looking Closer Film Forum

Featuring a guest review by my new friend N. D. Wilson, author of Boys of Blur, Death by Living, 100 Cupboards, and more.

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Left Behind (2014): A Looking Closer Film Forum

This post will be updated over the next few days, so check back as this thrilling — dare I say rapturous? — cinematic occasion unfolds!

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When the Game Stands Tall (2013): A Looking Closer Film Forum

"When the Game Stands Tall" is getting a lot of attention in evangelical Christian culture because it's a match made in evangelical Christian movie heaven: It's about football, and it stars Jim Ca-jeezus.

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Lucy (2014) : A Looking Closer Film Forum

I haven't seen "Lucy" yet ... but the clash of opinions about it among critics I respect has been entertaining and intriguing.

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