Valentine's Day Special: Are These the Top 25 Films About Marriage?

When I think of great big-screen testaments to the challenges of lasting love, three films jump immediately to mind. And they're on my mind today as I peruse a new list of "The Top 25 Films About Marriage" from the Arts and Faith community, which is hosted by Image.

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The Loneliest Planet (2011)

I would not say that I find the movie satisfying, but I do find it powerfully haunting. And that is my way of paying the filmmaker and her cast a compliment. To be haunted by a work of art is a better thing than to be satisfied by it. It means that the movie will play on in my imagination, challenging me and asking me to pay attention. I cannot paraphrase with any certainty what "The Loneliest Planet" means, but I am certain that it is extraordinarily meaningful...

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