Weekender: Fourth Weekend in January — Dark on Power of the Dog; Wilford on Licorice Pizza

After a few "Weekenders" away, here are a few highlights from the last few weeks.

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Weekender: 2022 film calendar; Luci Shaw’s latest poems; C’mon C’mon; Azor; Licorice Pizza

This week: An astounding 2022 preview. The upcoming poetry of Luci Shaw. And some initial thoughts on C'mon C'mon, Azor and Licorice Pizza.

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"The Master": Too Much Art for Oscar?

This article by Tyler Sage on Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master," published at The Los Angeles Review of Books, is so refreshing after reading a storm of hasty reactions, wild accusations, and complaints about this "difficult" work of art. It's a thoughtful, patient, studious consideration of this film.

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"The Master": So Many Thoughtful Examinations and Interpretations, So Little Time!

Do you feel the tremors? Yeah, that's the new Paul Thomas Anderson movie in theaters. In-depth reviews are popping up everywhere. Here are links to some that I've found very helpful.

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The Master (2012) – A Long Post-Viewing Conversation

Here's an imaginary conversation between four moviegoers after they emerge from a screening of The Master. It's a long conversation. But, well... it's a complicated movie.

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Religion, Fuel, Fathers, Sons, Egomania, America: A Look Back at "There Will Be Blood"

Five years ago, on September 27, Paul Thomas Anderson's "There Will Be Blood" screened for the first time. And a sure-thing Best Actor Oscar-winner came into plain view. Daniel Plainview, to be precise.

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