2015’s best films for a church basement film club?

If you were starting a "Looking Closer Movie Club" in your church basement, inviting adventurous viewers from your congregation, which films might be best to consider sharing with them? Discover the 2015 Arts and Faith Ecumenical Jury Awards.

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Not Gonna Bow: Notes on the Oscars

It appears that a lot of people have completely misunderstood what cinema is for, concluding that it's all some big cockamamie competition.

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Another Year, Another Bunch of Meaningless Awards

A lot of people are talking about last night's Golden Globes awards. And why not? How often do we get to drown out any substantial conversation about movies with a tsunami of meaningless celebrity buzz? Why not pretend that we're doing the world some good by pretending that art is a contest!

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The Best Films of 2012? Here's the Indiewire 2012 Critics Poll

So… was The Master a good movie, or not? What about Lincoln or The Avengers? What about This is 40 or Zero Dark Thirty? 204 film critics voted in this year’s Indiewire critics’ poll. Their choices do not resemble the Box Office Top 10 or the movies likely to be honored by the Golden Globes. Why is that? Who's right?

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