As you may have noticed, I shared my first impressions of A24’s beautiful new film Marcel the Shell With Shoes On a couple of weeks ago.

Then I heard from my friend Matt Conner at The Rabbit Room, the thriving arts-and-faith community that has grown up around the work of brothers Andrew and A.S. “Pete” Peterson. He wondered if I might write about the film for them too. I was thrilled, because my initial post had only scratched the surface of my questions and ideas about the film. And what’s more—I miss my friends in the Rabbit Room community! Every time I’ve participated in their annual Hutchmoot arts festival, I’ve had a memorably joyous experience.

In fact, thinking about how much I miss that community ended up being the perfect focus for this article about Marcel the Shell.

The piece I composed for them is now front and center at The Rabbit Room. Here’s the link. I hope you enjoy it.