Oh, wow, I’m so excited about this.

My friend David Kern just posted the latest episode of Libromania.

I don’t know that I’ve had more fun on a podcast than I had with him and Steven D. Greydanus of Decent Films and The National Catholic Register as we talked about the highs and lows of big-screen literary adaptation.

We counted down our favorites, we ranted about those that have gone very wrong, and we laughed about several amusing correlations in our choices. I often correspond with Steven and with David on social media, but what a blast it was to do this show!


In this episode David chats with noted film critics Jeffrey Overstreet and Steven Greydanus about some of the best film adaptations of books. Many of the titles they discuss will be familiar to you. Others not so much. Either way, tune in for a lively conversation about what makes a good film adaptation, the role of the critic in reviewing such movies, and Jeffrey and Steven’s top five choices.