When my novel Auralia’s Colors was first published, it was promoted by the publisher, WaterBook Press, alongside the first novel of another fantasy author like myself: Andrew Peterson.

That book was titled On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness. And so began The Wingfeather Saga: a series of Peterson’s fantastical novels that weave a tapestry made of threads of inspiration drawn from sources as wildly different at The Chronicles of Narnia and Monty Python’s Flying Circus. They’ve enchanted countless readers with their humor and their heart. If you haven’t discovered them yet, you have many hours of fun ahead of you.

The parallel publications of the books in Peterson’s saga and the books in my own series (The Auralia Thread) occasioned the development of a meaningful friendship, one that has blessed me with not one but two brothers in fantasy writing: Andrew and his brother, A. S. Peterson (author of The Fiddler’s Gun).

It also introduced me to a community of artists, writers, and readers that has rallied around the Petersons for years: The Rabbit Room. Their annual Nashville gathering, called Hutchmoot, has given me some of the most meaningful experiences in imaginative community, and introduced me to life-changing friendships.

And now, Peterson has teamed up with animator Chris Wall and a “fellowship” of filmmaking talents to bring their vision to the screen.

You can watch a new 15-minute short film on YouTubeFacebookVimeo, and Amazon Prime for free. That should give you an itch to see more… on the page and on the screen.

You can find out much more on Peterson’s website, which recently posted this:

We’re excited to plunge headlong into the odd and dangerous world of The Wingfeather Saga and to share these stories with a broader audience as we bring the books to new life through a fully CG animated short film.

Tom Owens (head of story How to Train Your Dragon 2), Keith Lango (Valve Corp), Nicholas Kole (Disney, Hasbro) and J. Chris Wall (VeggieTales) have joined forces with Andrew Peterson to create Shining Isle Productions and bring the best-selling novels The Wingfeather Saga to life on screen. After a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign (top 15 animated projects of all time), they created a 15-minute short film that debuted December 26, 2017. With an innovative painted style CGI with 2D environments, they’ve created a distinctive visual look and extended that to their motion style which emulates stop-motion using limited breakdowns. They are developing the story for distribution as a multi-season series which will explore the entire four-book [series].

I wish Peterson, Wall, and their partners in imagination the very best as they take this to the next level.

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