Jurassic World turned Alissa Wilkinson into the film-critic equivalent of a Rampaging T-Rex.

Under the Skin got under Nick Olson’s skin.

And Only God Forgives infuriated me.

"The Great Conjunction is at hand!"
A recent meeting of film reviewers caused Aughra the Ancient to exclaim “Another Great Conjunction is at hand!”

And thanks to the Seeing and Believing podcast, and its host Kevin McLenithan, we all had the chance to vent our frustrations in front of a microphone.

It happened in August, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on the campus of St. John’s College, during The Glen Workshop.

Then, to restore balance to the Force, we flung expressions of praise and gratitude for great movies into the air like streamers and confetti.

Finally, we made some current recommendations of movies that you probably haven’t seen.

So listen to this rare convergence of strong opinions.

As Wade Bearden says, “You know those conversations you’d like to be a fly on the wall for? This one is it.”