Breaking news!

The times, they are a-changin’ here at Looking Closer with Jeffrey Overstreet.

For the first time in more than a decade of blogging, I’m asking for your help.

I hate to do this. It’s been a pleasure to volunteer my time, energy, funds, and other resources to build my Looking Closer blog for your enjoyment. So many rewarding conversations. And so many friendships that began there. There are a million reasons I’ve kept going without any kind of fundraising, working other jobs to cover the costs of my “looking closer” habit, exploring that fascinating territory where art, faith, and culture intersect.

Well, in the coming year I’m facing some challenges to my time, energy, and resources that make the prospect of continued blogging and reviewing more daunting. Namely — I’m going back to school. Maybe this “Looking Closer” chapter of my life is closing. I hope not.

If you appreciate my blog, enjoy my reviews, benefit from the links and lists and resources I provide here, I invite you to “Put Your Name in the Credits.” Cast your vote for “Keep Looking Closer Alive.”

There’s a new “DONATE” button in this post, and in the right-hand sidebar of the Looking Closer site.

If you ever feel inspired to contribute, I would take that as encouragement to continue. All donations will be applied directly to that materials, events, and experiences that make the blog happen — I promise.

Thank you, friends.

And by the way, if I learn that you’ve donated, I will — with your permission — add your name to The Credits, and I may surprise you with other shows of gratitude along the way.