On Monday, I’m going to share a special two-part post on comedy. That’s because the great Steven Greydanus of The National Catholic Register is stirring up conversation about great comedies with his introduction to the newly published Arts and Faith Top 25 Divine Comedies.

Read his reflections on the list and what it means, and then check out the list itself.

Have you been following the Arts and Faith lists? They have led me to some of my favorite films, and it’s been a pleasure to participate in the voting and in writing about them.

First, Image hosted the voting on the Arts and Faith Top 100 Movies list.

Then, they hosted voting on

I participated in the voting for the comedy list as well, but due to time constraints, I only managed to offer one of the brief descriptions — a summary of my favorite Terry Gilliam film, The Fisher King.

But this list is not meant to be definitive, of course. It’s meant to stir up a conversation. What comedies do you love enough that you would have campaigned for their inclusion? What are the comedies that remain both funny and meaningful to you, time after time?

Are you happy to see Groundhog Day at the top of the list?


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