Today, Good Letters — the blog published by Image at Patheos — posted my reflections on Empire of the Sun, a Steven Spielberg film that I love more and more as the years pass.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to write about it for Good Letters, as I’m grateful for the whole four-year experience there.

As I wrote earlier, I am taking a long sabbatical in order to focus on other projects. Here is an index of all of the Good Letters posts I turned in. Some of the time I offered reluctantly at the deadline, as I still wasn’t quite satisfied after half a dozen drafts. Others I wrote in one swift draft and was completely satisfied. But overall, when I look back at two decades of film reviews, this is the body of work that best fulfills the goals I’ve set for myself as a reviewer.

And as I think back through these columns, I’m struck by how rarely my post was ever actually about “critiquing the film.” It was more about testifying, bearing witness to what the film reflected back to me about my life, the world I live in, and all of the ways in which I still need to grow.

These are my favorites…

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Empire of the Sun


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And here are the rest of the adventures…

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