A lot of people are talking about last night’s Golden Globes awards. Thank goodness. Just when some interesting discussions were happening about the films of 2012, along comes a show that will drown out those conversations with tsunami of meaningless celebrity buzz. Nothing kills thoughtful consideration of art like turning it into a contest.

So, I’ll play my small, contrarian role by trying to rekindle the conversations about the artistry in the films that the HFPA decided to call “the best.” Here again are my reviews of…

And, for what it’s worth, here is a list of the films in 2012 that impressed me most. Don’t get me wrong — I’m not picking “winners” or claiming the authority to call anything “the best.” It’s just a list of the most rewarding experiences I had at the movies this year.

Now let’s all pause for a moment and remember that The Golden Globes have also celebrated the following films as award-worthy in past years. What a profound honor it is to be nominated by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association! Just look at how we go on admiring the following films…

Nominated for Best Motion Picture: Comedy or Musical , Best Actor, and Best Actress

Nominated for Best Motion Picture: Comedy or Musical

Nominated for Best Motion Picture: Comedy or Musical

WINNER for Best Motion Picture: Comedy or Musical.


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