Chances are you’ve seen The Hunger Games by now.

So, let’s talk about the movie (not the book): A great work of cinema? A standard Hollywood franchise launch? Great performances? Cheap special effects? What’s your take on Gary Ross’s movie?

Or maybe you came away and thought, “Why all the fuss about this story? Why not bring ___________ to the big screen instead?” What novels have you read lately that would make great movies?

Me, I walked away from The Hunger Games thinking, “What we really need to see on the big screen are the young women from Sara Zarr’s novels. Nobody writes about the lives of teenage girls and young women more thoughtfully and powerfully than she does. When is somebody going to film Story of a Girl or Once Was Lost or How to Save a Life?”)
I would weigh in with my opinion on the film, but I already have, here in this conversation with writer and Response magazine editor Hannah Faith Notess.

Other friends of mine had quite the debate during a live Kindlings Muse event, which is available as a podcast here.

Your turn….

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