This weekend I read a lot of reviews of The Dark Knight Rises to see how other people were taking it.

Two pieces in particular were especially damning, pretty much nailing the coffin shut on Christopher Nolan’s Batman… and maybe on Nolan’s ouvre as a whole, for this moviegoer. 

As I expressed in my own review, I was already disappointed in the series conclusion. But the weaknesses discussed in these two pieces have pretty much ensured I won’t be able to sit through this movie again without extreme aggravation. I think the second film — The Dark Knight — will be the only one I bother to revisit and keep in the collection.

But I found it difficult to find any argument with the problems highlighted in these two pieces, which proved much more thought-provoking than the movie itself.

Here’s Michael Sicinski: “Sifting Through the Guano.”

And here’s a discussion between Mike D’Angelo and Keith Uhlich: “Critical Consensus.”

Update: 15 Things That Bothered Us About ‘The Dark Knight Rises’


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