More than a decade ago, when I was writing for Christianity Today‘s movie-review website, I quickly grew weary of hearing from moviegoers who believe that we should condemn films in which characters cuss.

So, I invited a variety of Christians who write film reviews to offer their opinions on “foul language” and whether or not Ted Baehr’s Movieguide and other “morality checklist” review sites are justified in their blanket condemnation of movies in which expletives occur.

You can revisit that article here.

I thought of that article today when Alan Jacobs posted this link to The Atlantic. It’s an excerpt from Wallace Stegner. On Jacobs’ own Tumblr Page, he has posted his response to it.

I wish I’d known about Stegner’s account at the time I hosted that round table on profanity, and that I’d known about Alan Jacobs and asked him to participate.

Shoot. And darn it all.