February 1 is the birthday of Anne M. Doe Overstreet.

If you’d like to do something to celebrate, pick up a copy of her book Delicate Machinery Suspended and give it to yourself or someone who loves to read slowly.

It comes highly recommended… 
Singer, songwriter, and producer Joe Henry calls it “Rich, open-hearted, clear and yet deeply rooted in mystery.”

Poet Luci Shaw says, “If you love poetry, you recognize the magic of words that sift the world into its particulates. Anne Overstreet employs the skilled chemistry that swells the words back into realities so startling and new that no object or person remains unchanged.”

And Gregory Wolfe, publisher of Image and author of Beauty Will Save the World, writes, “These poems shimmer with gossamer lightness but also possess the strength and sinews of hard-won wisdom and what Henry James called felt life.”