Buy a book from The Auralia Thread from your local bookstore, and I’ll send you another book from the series free of charge!

Here’s how this deal works…

Take a photo of yourself buying a volume from THE AURALIA THREAD at a local bookstore… like Barnes & Noble, or even better, an independent bookstore.

Post that picture on Facebook or your blog, and then send me a copy of the photo.

I will send you another book in the series… whichever title you choose.

This offer is only good for the first three people who deliver their photographs to me at

No, purchases from online bookstores don’t count. Go give your local bookstore some business! Make sure you take the picture *in* the bookstore! (No, copies you already purchased don’t count. No cheating! I’m going to trust you on this.)

Consider this a gesture of love for bookstores. Join me in showing your support.

Remember bookstores?

Can you find one in your neighborhood?

On your mark, get set…