I submit that this was the worst fake-out trailer of all time. When the audience realized the real subject of the movie, and saw the horrible execution of an already idiotic idea, there was almost a riot in the theatre.

Wow. Every time I see it, I feel physical pain. Not only does it lack a single original idea, but it parrots the genre cliches without even trying, without a single spark of enthusiasm, style, or bravado. What a spectacular waste.

But fake-out trailers are not always a bad idea.

Take this one for example… which is delighting people (especially me) across the Internets today…

Now that, if you’ll excuse my high-falutin’ film-critic terminology, was awesome.

Can you remember a better or worse fake-out in a movie trailer? Email me at joverstreet@gmail.com. I’ll add it to this post.